Grants from the Foundation's own funds

The list of grants awarded in the spring 2018 are given below.

The deadline of the Call for Applications was 1 March 2018, 3:00 p.m. Please click here for the call text and application forms 2018.

Please find below the list of grant recipients, their School, their Department, the purpose of the grant, the topic of research, and the amount awarded (partly in Finnish). "JR" denotes the Jubilee Fund of our Foundation and "MR" denotes the Celebratory Gifts’ Fund including the funds of Harri Hintikka, Matti Ilmari, Kalevi Numminen, Pentti Talonen and Paavo Uronen.


In total 123 900 eur

  • Afrabandpey Homayun; SCI; Computer Science; Doctoral studies; Improving Personalized Medicine By Interactive Elicitation of Expert Knowledge on Genomic Features; JR; 15000 eur;
  • Ahmad Zeeshan; ENG; Mechanical Engineering; Research visit; Data Analysis of Optical Engine Combustion and Flow Field Experiments; JR; 3000 eur;
  • Alary Benoit; ELEC; Signal Processing and Acoustics; Research visit; Spatial Behavior of Artificial Reverberators; JR; 4100 eur;
  • Arora Shashank; ENG; Mechanical Engineering; Research visit; Second life of Li-ion batteries - determination of a reliable end-of-life criteria; JR; 3000 eur;
  • Buzhinskii Igor; ELEC; Electrical Engineering and Automation; Doctoral studies; Combined use of formal methods for reliability assurance of safety-critical systems; JR; 15000 eur;
  • Deger Aydin; SCI; Applied Physics; Doctoral studies; Partition function zeros and large-deviation statistics at phase transitions; JR; 15000 eur;
  • Farjam Tahmoores; ELEC; Electrical Engineering and Automation; Research visit; Co-Design of Control and Communication Protocols in Wireless Networked Control Systems; JR; 6200 eur;
  • Hautamäki Saara; CHEM; Biotuotteiden ja biotekniikan laitos; Research visit; The effect of processing parameters and hydroxyl group accessibility on veneer performance; JR; 6000 eur;
  • Khakalo Sergei; ENG; Civil Engineering; Research visit; Computational design of 3D-printed metamaterials: Higher-order continuum homogenization models and numerical methods; JR; 5000 eur;
  • Laatikainen Tiina Emilia; ENG; Rakennetun ympäristön laitos; Research visit; Aktiivista ikääntymistä tukevat kaupunkiympäristöt; JR; 4200 eur;
  • Lehtonen Janika Sefania; CHEM; Biotuotteiden ja biotekniikan laitos; Research visit; Biotuotetekniikka; JR; 4000 eur;
  • Moayer MohammadMehdi; ELEC; Electronics and Nanoengineering; Research visit; Ultra-low power energy harvesting wireless sensor node for internet of things (IoT); JR; 4000 eur;
  • Noorizadeh Abdollah; ENG; Civil and Structural Engineering; Research visit; Using performance evaluation methods for effective supplier  development in construction Industry; JR; 5000 eur;
  • Rämä Minna Emilia; CHEM; Kemian tekniikan ja metallurgian laitos; Doctoral studies; Kokeellinen tutkimus jarosiittijätteen pyrometallurgisesta käsittelystä turvallisesti hyödynnettäväksi kuonaksi; MR; 15000 eur;
  • Wang Xuchen; ELEC; Electronics and Nanoengineering; Research visit; Graphene-based Programmable Metasurfaces; JR; 4400 eur;
  • von Schantz Anton Alexis; SCI; Matematiikan ja systeemianalyysin laitos; Doctoral studies; Väkijoukon dynamiikan mallintaminen evakuointitilanteessa monen agentin järjestelmänä; MR; 15000 eur;

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