Professional services in support of academic work

The School of Engineering services organisation ensures high quality and efficient services, as well as the systems supporting them in order to support research, teaching and academic leadership.

This page lists some of the services offered to the school staff and the Aalto University shared services. Contact details for school service managers can be found here.


The university has HR processes designed to serve the management as well as research and teaching work. As an employer, the university invests in particular in the well-being of staff, skills development and working in a multicultural community.

Financial Services

The school's Financial Services unit provides efficient economic and financial services for the academic community. The unit serves as a partner for the school and departments, providing economic and financial expertise to aid decision making. It supports the university in the efficient use of resources and promotes the strengthening and broadening of the university's financial base.

Research Support Services

The Research Support Services unit serves the staff of the school, providing essential services related to obtaining and managing externally funded research projects throughout the entire life-cycle of the projects.

The unit's duties include: identifying funding opportunities, participation in the preparation of research grant applications and related consultation, supporting researchers with donors in finance agreements and project management issues, and legal services related to research projects, such as making research contracts and negotiations.


The school Communications unit helps researchers gain media visibility for research projects. The unit produces newsletters, and manages media relations. The unit also helps to increase research visibility including visibility in social media, Aalto University channels and various events.

Corporate Relations

The task of the Corporate Relations unit is to promote business interactions between the school and companies, and to systematically support long-term partnerships.

The school staff are also served by:

  • IT services: The Aalto University IT unit solves the needs of users and departments regarding information systems, data networks and IT equipment together with other areas of the organisation.
  • Library: The Aalto University Library is open to everyone and is a research library with diverse and extensive electronic and printed collections of materials from all disciplines at the university. All three campus library branches offer modern services both on site and online.
  • The Language Centre: The Language Centre is a university wide language and communications services unit and provides education in languages, academic writing and communication for both students and staff, and English and Swedish translation and text revision services. In addition, the Language Centre offers tailored teaching as a fee-based service and individual writing and talking clinic services for the university units.
  • The International Affairs unit provides services for international staff employment and housing, as well as housing services for international staff and students. The unit also organises events for the international development of the campus.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship services: The Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is responsible for the commercialization of technology at Aalto University, intellectual property management and start-up entrepreneurship related services. The ACE acts as a link between the business and research communities. The aim is to promote multi-disciplinary innovation and company formation at Aalto University.
  • Aalto University Executive Education: Aalto EE provides high-quality business executive development services supported by Aalto University and an extensive international network of expertise. Aalto EE's mission is to build a better world through better leadership and to educate a new generation of leaders. Aalto EE 's role will expand from 01 March 2014, when it will also cover further business training services for Aalto University Professional Development (Aalto PRO) and Aalto University Small Business Center (SBC).

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