Tenure track

Tenure track is Aalto University's core academic career system offering a well-supported career path for professor-level academics. The tenure track career system is the foundation of Aalto University’s objective to be a world-class university. The Aalto tenure track is based on the commitment of the university and the individual to the academic career; it has clearly defined expectations, incentives, and assistance for personal development.

Assistant Professor Vishal Singh from the Department of Civil ad Structural Engineering tells about his experience of the tenure track career system.

The objective of tenure track

The objective of tenure track career system is to support professors’ academic freedom and to reach world class in research and/or artistic and professional work, teaching and activity in scientific community and academic leadership.

Career path

The Aalto tenure track career path consists of three basic levels, and candidates can be recruited to any of the three levels depending on his/her experience and competence:

  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Full Professor

Exceptionally merited Full Professors may be invited to the honorary position of Aalto Distinguished Professor.

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