Application-oriented approach – strength in research and education

Technology changes the world and affects the lives of everyone. The social impact of the School of Engineering has always been of major significance. Ongoing cooperation with the world around us is vital for our existence.

The School of Engineering has a long tradition in its most central fields of research and education: construction, civil and environmental engineering, energy technology, mechanical engineering, surveying, and urban and regional studies.

The school's focus areas and themes of research are as follows:

  • Arctic Technology
  • Mechanics and Materials
  • Multidisciplinary Energy Technologies
  • Sustainable Built Environment
  • Systems Design and Production


The Framework of Engineering Sciences






The publications databases are maintained by the Aalto University Otaniemi Campus Library. They contain information about activities at the Aalto University's schools of technology and publications in the field of technology.

Research registers

More information about the publications of each department or faculty member can be found on departments' websites.



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