Become a game-changing engineer

Interested in taking on challenges related to the environment, the welfare and security of humankind as well as in serving the aims of sustainable development? Join us.

Master's programmes at the Aalto University School of Engineering cover the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering and surveying. 

We encourage our students to explore the unknown, because solving grand challenges requires multidisciplinary expertise. This translates to an ability to work with people from different fields of study to your own. Our programmes are built to allow you to set your own destination for your studies. We'll provide a comprehensive set of student services to help you chart your course.

At Aalto, we emphasise hands-on doing along with basic science. Environments like Design Factory, Aalto Ice Tank and a number of laboratories provide an excellent setting for completing your engineering degree.

In short, we offer the support, facilities and opportunities for a multidisciplinary curriculum you need to study and become a game-changer through engineering.​ For details, pick a master's programme and read on.

Career prospects

Engineering degrees from Aalto University are highly valued in the job market.

During your studies, you will gain access to contacts and networks that will benefit you long after your final course is over. From the start of your studies, you will be able to take part in interesting practical projects and real-life cases with partners from the business world.

Aalto University is home to a genuine, student-driven start-up scene, embodied by groups and events such as Startup Sauna, Aalto Entrepreneur Society, Slush Helsinki and the Aalto Startup Center. If you're looking to build a career around your own business, you'll find plenty of support and like-minded people here. Approximately 70–100 new companies are born at Aalto University every year.

Application and admissions

The application period for studies beginning in autumn 2018 is 15 December 2017–24 January 2018.

The application period for studies beginning autumn 2019 starts in December 2018.

For all the details you need to prepare for your application to Aalto University, see the Aalto University admissions guide.