Aalto University School of Engineering follows a two-phase degree structure. The students first complete a Bachelor's degree and then a Master's degree.

The degrees consist of courses, and the extent of a course is expressed in credits. The average number of hours demanded by one academic year of studies, 1600 hours, is equivalent to 60 credits.

The School of Engineering offers several Master's level study possibilities in English. Degree programmes in Bachelor level are not offered in English.

Bachelor of Science (Technology)

The Bachelor’s degree consists of 180 credits. This means that it is possible to acquire the degree after three years of full-time studying. Language of the studies is Finnish.

Master of Science (Technology)

The Master’s degree consists of 120 credits. This means that it is possible to acquire the degree after two years of full-time studying. All the Master's programmes in English and International programmes can be found on

Licenciate of Science (Technology) and Doctor of Science (Technology)

A doctoral candidate is a student pursuing further studies after having attained a Master's degree. The Aalto University Schools of Technology admit students to pursue doctoral studies towards the degree of Doctor of Science (Technology/Architechture). In addition the university awards the degree of Licentiate of Science (Technology/Architechture).

The Licentiate of Technology degree takes an estimated 2 years to complete, while the Doctor of Science (Technology) degree take approximately 4 years. A postgraduate degree comprises theoretical studies and research work. The emphasis is on scientific research.  For more information, please visit Into-portal (


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