Internationalisation and studies abroad

Aalto University is an international, multicultural community of students, teachers and researchers.

Your opportunities to become more international at Aalto University include:

  • Go for student exchange: study at a foreign partner university abroad for a semester or for an academic year.
  • Choose an international joint master's degree programme (double degree) after your Aalto BSc degree: study at two or three different partner universities and get a MSc degree both from Aalto and from ther other universities of your study track.
  • Summer courses and summer schools abroad: study on a summer course or at a summer school abroad during the summer break.
  • Internship abroad: get valuable work experience in a company or research institute abroad.
  • Master's thesis abroad: work on your master's thesis abroad, e.g. at a university or a research centre.
  • Internationalisation at home: study at Aalto in English in the same courses as intersnational exchange students and international degree seeking students.Additionally, you can act as a student tutor for international students and learn interculutral communication skills and foreign languages in the Language Centre.

Read more on your options on Into (, a portal for current students)


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